What is occupational therapy? 

Occupational therapy helps a child or young person, and their family, cope with a difficulty or disability. 

This can include improving function or learning new skills that affect self care (i.e. dressing, washing), play and school activities.

Occupational therapists work in the child's home, school or in their community.

Treatment is activity and/or play based to ensure that the child is motivated and takes part in therapy.

School input can include work on handwriting skills or changing the classroom/routine to help the child remain focused.


Therapy may include:

  • sensory integration
  • motor skill development
  • advice on self care skills (i.e. dressing, toileting, cleaning teeth)
  • improving handwriting or fine motor skills
  • rehabilitation following accident, injury or surgery
  • provision of specialist equipment or alterations to activities
  • consulting schools or professionals about special or additional needs



private occupational therapy

Amanda Hunter BSc MRCOT MSc

Occupational Therapist and Advanced Practitioner in Sensory Integration

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