Assessments are selected according to the child's needs. The methods will be discussed during the initial contact. They may involve the following:

  • Telephone consultation with parents or carers
  • Questionnaires from parents/carers and school staff
  • Discussion with the child and parents/carers
  • Observation of the child during different activities
  • Sensory profiles
  • Standardised and non-standardised assessments to assess gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual-motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, handwriting, sensory processing and behaviour
  • Assessment of self care skills and daily living skills, e.g. dressing, cleaning teeth, shoe laces, handwriting, play and school performance
  • Observations of the child in the school environment

After an assessment is completed, a written report is completed and provided, with consent, to relevant professionals.  The pack includes:

  • Occupational therapy report
  • Recommendations and treatment plan 
  • Advice and activity ideas
  • If appropriate, expert witness report (tribunals and quantum)

HPC - Health Professions Council    


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